Simon Kuzmickas

“I can, I am, I will see you when time is right and still,


I can, I am, I will be able to fulfil a fantasy or something in between,


I can be James Dean, I’m a provider,


I will cancel my dreams and buy a pint of cider,


I can, I am, I will be positive about my leg so still with music rings and everybody dances,


I will do my thing, don’t care about the glances,


I can, I am, I will,


My dad, my dog, my bin,


I can, I am, I will fry an egg so soft and hollow,


I can beg and steal and borrow,


I’m a real retarded morron,


I will take your love a little further, win a Nobel Prize for it tomorrow,


I can control this mad disorder,


I am sane, although a hoarder, an emotional absorber,


Sober night and drunken armoured guarding me to fight my calm, a death this bad, a drop of my saliva,




I’m gonna be alright. Shine bright like diamond girl Rhianna because,


I can, I am, I will.”


Welcome to I Can I Am and I Will.