Carlos Ferra


I Can grow and learn from all of my experiences good and bad

I Am a dreamer and i’m not the only one

I Will stay positive and connect with nature because that is what connects all of us.

Having my photograph taken is something i’ve been doing for a living for quite a while,

but having to think about Empowerment and all these questions, and what this means for me.

its something that i like,

obviously i think that its a process for your life, and i’ve been thinking about that throughout all of my life.

its actually something that i really enjoy doing,

i like to play with different Identities, its something i really enjoy understanding how i would feel if i would be that type of character, let’s say.

i’m in a very good position to be able to take part and to be invited by you to be part of a project like this.

i think many people don’t have a voice and our voice will give them a voice many times.

so i think this is very important for me.


Welcome to I Can I Am and I Will.