Hazel Gardner

I Can – do anything which is something I used to struggle with, I always put barriers up or fear before

I Am – Resilient which is something people used to say to me before, but I now have a real true identity with that word. I do actually feel really resilient, to help me get where I am today, and I think my mind is the most resilient it has been.

I Will – always endeavor to share my story as I have done today and use everything, I have learned to help other people weather it’s a quick interaction or someone who is going through something.

I just think if anything I have learned this about myself and you know how to help people going through similar things, so yeah always be there for people if they want to talk to me.

In 2007 Hazel was diagnosed with a rear form of cancer that went undetected for some time, it was a small cell cancer that is usually found in the lungs but with Hazel it was in her cervix.

Hazel was treated at the Royal Marsden Hospital and underwent 18 months of Chemo and Radiotherapy.

The treatment Hazel underwent to save her life caused her to lose all of her hair.

Hazel is now fully recovered

Her message is clear

Don’t ignore your body, inform yourself on what is happening, give yourself that moment of acceptance and understanding, and your mental health plays just as bigger part as your physical health in recovery.

Talk about your Journey



Welcome to I Can I Am and I Will.