Kyle De’Volle

“No one else’s opinion fazes me, I couldn’t give a shit what anyone thinks of me because I know that I’m happy with who I am”

“I Can – live my truth on a daily basis in the hope that it inspires others to do the same.

I Am – using my platform and privilege to educate others and to smash all outdated ideas of gender binary.

I Will – do everything I can within my power to make the world a better place for all of my LGBTQIA Brothers and Sisters”


Who is Kyle De’Volle? It’s impossible to answer that question in one line, but to summarise; Kyle De’Volle is a talented innovator and influencer who throughout his career has engaged his creative skills and razor-sharp eye across multiple platforms within the fashion industry. Known first and foremost for his work as a celebrity stylist, enjoying a long creative collaboration with Rita Ora. In addition to Rita, Kyle has worked with Cara Delevingne, Bruno Mars, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and more. Kyle grew up in the infamous Notting Hill, renowned for its rich mix of cultures and colourful creative history. This West London artistic environment helped to mould Kyle’s unique aesthetic that drove him to success – a dynamic blend of urban street style and luxe design. In just eight years as a stylist, Kyle’s work has appeared across an impressive array of broadcast and print media. His television and editorial credits include The X Factor UK, The Voice UK, The MOBOS, Britain’s Got Talent, MTV, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Tatler magazine. A true industry insider, Kyle’s contacts are second-to-none within the fashion and celebrity worlds. He has a powerful social media presence which drives the demand for his contribution as a creative consultant, but it’s also a powerful platform that Kyle uses to inspire and educate people about outdated ideas of gender normativity; Kyle uses his platform to support his community and other teens facing difficult times and personal issues promoting self-love and sharing important knowledge.

“Out of every single thing that I do in my career and in my life, giving back is probably the most rewarding”


Kyle’s career and life is busy, unique and ultimately, his own; he lives his truth and helps others in the LGBTQIA+ community to find and embrace their own. In this ICIAIW, the team and Kyle embraced gender fluidity, experimenting with hair and makeup as Kyle shared his personal experiences of how he came to be the strong, confident and tenacious person he is today. ICIAIW connects creativity to wellness as Louis invites people to share their personal stories and journeys towards positivity and empowerment while celebrating the subject’s personality and authenticity. ICIAIW promotes mental wellbeing and a core mantra highlights the importance of sharing your experiences; it’s about using your pain for positivity, to gain resilience and having the courage to believe your voice can make a change despite the cards being stacked against you. While all participants are incredibly diverse, they share this joint experience of progression – achieving positive empowerment after painful experiences. Using this backdrop of creativity and hair to champion mental wellbeing, we sought to capture Kyle’s authentic perspective on life by not wasting time worrying about how others perceiving you and loving you for you.

“ICIAIW is all about empowerment, lifting people and showing that it’s OK to live your truth and be your authentic self’ it’s never too late to live your life”

So much of Kyle’s success in life and work has to do with past negative experiences. He feels they gave him the strength to put himself first, do exactly what he wanted to do, stay true to himself and embrace that it’s OK to be unique; they gave him the courage to achieve his career goals and the platform to support others struggling with those same issues. To ultimately, not worry about other’s opinions – if people don’t love you for you, they don’t deserve to be in your life. Kyle’s been inspired and refreshed by the rapidly increasing discussion and campaigns around non-binary people and gender fluidity since he’s identified that way his whole life. It’s his experiences around this that inspired him to found Courage 4 Kids & Equality (C.4.K.E) in 2018; a platform that focuses of supporting and inspiring teens in the LGBTAIQ+ community by sharing empowering messages and hosting interviews with Inspirational people from the LGBTQ community. Kyle’s ICIAIW magnifies his work as the founder of C.4.K.E, an empowering person who celebrates gender fluidity and positive empowerment.

“I feel like all of that, all of those negative moments in my life have given me the strength to want to do better not only for other people but for myself. It all started from putting myself first, and just doing what I wanted to do. Whether it be going to do my weekly shop in a pair of stilettoes, anything I want to do I can do. The moment I realised that, everything fell into place”

Fashion Stylist/ Designer/ Clothes Horse/ Founder of Courage 4 Kids & Equality/ Fragrance Ambassador for JG Gaultier

Kyle De’Volle / Founder @c.4.k.e



Welcome to I Can I Am and I Will.