Ivvi Romao

I’m Ivvi, an immigrant, black trans artist. I discovered my real self in 2015, but only last year I started the process of recognizing who I am, due to an oppressive and binary society. Thus, I am already in the process of hormonal transition, as well as trying to have psychological and psychiatric monitoring with the help of the Portuguese government. However, it is horribly painful to look in the mirror and not identify with what I see yet being sure that that body is not mine.

In November, I hope I am going to Brazil to become who I really am. I intend to rectify all my documents (name and gender) and to have the surgery to affirm the updating of my body and gender identity. I have researched everything regarding this issue, including a trusted doctor who has worked with other trans people in the same process, as well as a credible hospital.




Welcome to I Can I Am and I Will.