Day 29


Positive Choices

What is a good choice? Good choices are decisions that keep you heading in the direction you want to go. On the other hand, bad choices end up being counterproductive and can quickly begin spiralling into stress, confusion, and despair. One of the most important aspects of life is ‘decision making, and every choice involves making the right decision. Every choice that we have decided to make can impact our lives either positively or negatively. It helps shapes us to identify who we are to ourselves and to other people.


Use one of your 5 positive choices in a different way…

Manage the big stuff. It’s very easy to get side-tracked by insignificant issues in life. If you spend a lot of time on trivial things, you won’t have time to contemplate things that matter.

Values matter. Make decisions that are consistent with your core beliefs and values. The alternative invariably leads to regret.

Learn from the past, learn from your experiences and the experiences of others. Identify situations where you’ve had a similar choice in the past. How can you apply those lessons learned to the existing situation?

Know what you know and what you don’t know. Don’t try to be an expert in everything. Seek input and advice when variables lie outside your comfort zone.

Keep the right perspective. View an issue from every vantage point. What do the facts say? What is your intuition telling you? Is your conscience trying to tell you something? Listen up.

Don’t procrastinate. You’ll rarely have all the information you need to make a “perfect” decision. So don’t demand perfection. The philosopher Voltaire warned against letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. That advice still holds true today.

Once you decide, don’t look back; make it work. Don’t second-guess yourself. You can’t relive the past. It’s a waste of valuable time and energy.

List 5 positive choices that you can implement, one for each day.

Use one of your top 5 strengths in a different way each day and recognise how this makes you feel.

I Am a mother first and foremost and that is my biggest priority" - Emma Willis

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