Day 36

Emotion Tracking

Emotions helps us build better relationships.

That’s because being aware of our emotions can help us to talk about our feelings more clearly, avoid or resolve conflicts better, and move past difficult feelings more easily. Some people are naturally more in touch with their emotions than others. The key is to recognise our emotions and understand that they pass.

Do not act out on your emotions step back and take time for yourself.

Instinctive or intuitive feelings as distinguished from reasoning knowledge. A conscious mental reaction (such as anger or fear) subjectively experienced as strong feeling usually directed towards specific object and typically accompanied by physiological and behavioural changes in the body, a state of feeling.

Each day track your emotions.

Identify your daily emotions, how do you really feel? 

Connect with the feelings and let them live. 

I Am a worrier and a fixer" - Vicky McClure

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