Day 43


Take the time to recognise the positive moments everyday and keep it simple they don’t have to be huge.

For example, the sun shining, a smile from a stranger, a compliment from a loved one. 

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in negative thoughts and feelings; savouring will help you appreciate the positive that can be found every day and allow that to grow inside of you.

Savour the moment; list one thing you savour each day and enjoy these moments. Make sure to stay in the present moment.

  • Share your good feelings with others… 
  • Take a mental photograph. …
  • Get absorbed in the moment…
  • Congratulate yourself…
  • Shout it from the rooftops…
  • Compare the outcome to something worse…

Doing this will help Sharpen your sensory perceptions… 

It helps the happy feelings to last longer.

With how quickly things move from one to the next, we all need to take time to savourer. 

Savouring is the act of stepping outside of an experience to be able to appreciate it.

When you savour something, it lengthens the positive emotion that comes with doing something you enjoy. 

Studies show that savouring, namely regulating the emotional impact of positive events by one’s cognitive or behavioural responses, increases happiness.

Positive Moments

I Am so many things; I’m a variety; I am a daughter; I’m a friend; I’m a sister but I’m also happy, hopeful and full of joy - Aj Odudu

Subconscious mind connection.

"I Can - create change. I can influence high level decisions and implement new legislation regarding teacher training ". - Ben West

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