Day 50



I Am…

… is an honest perception of yourself… is self-awareness and what you are capable of… is to accept oneself with total honesty…. is recognising your weak points and identifying where you need to ask for help… is a self-existent being who is accounted for by their own nature.

Our words become our experience – its as simple as that. Therefore, the more Positive Empowering words we can use daily, the better we will feel.

Start with reframing the words – I Am (positive) 

During your self care week you will be asked the daily question I Am? …

Use these words notice how many times you can reframe.

This to be filled in and submitted daily.

Subconscious mind connection.

"I Can - create change. I can influence high level decisions and implement new legislation regarding teacher training ". - Ben West

Welcome to I Can I Am and I Will.