Day 71


Living with intention means that you consciously choose to create a life you want, rather than having life, or other people, dictate your feelings and actions

Being an intentional person means everything you do is done with clear purpose and focus. 

Intention is the motivation that drives toward a satisfying future. It also helps you get the most from the things you do and achieve – large and small – right now. What is it? Your sense of purpose is shaped by things you believe in and value – your own personal code of behaviour. 

Increasing your wellbeing takes daily intentional effort over long periods of time 

Set yourself daily intentions write these down acknowledge how these make you feel.

Identify your daily intention

I Will learn how to take time out and, chill out a little bit, I'm always going utututututu my mind is constantly going, and I will try and relax" - Aj Odudu

Subconscious mind connection.

"I Can - create change. I can influence high level decisions and implement new legislation regarding teacher training ". - Ben West

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